for longer, lighter and stiffer wind turbine blades

Glass fibre is a material of choice to build wind turbine blades with the best performance at the best cost. 3B is constantly working in partnership with the wind industry to optimize its glass fibre reinforcements, directly participating in a power generation that is clean, reliable, long-term and quick to install.

3B is dedicated to the wind industry


At 3B, we believe wind plays a key role in addressing the climate change challenge while meeting the world’s long-term energy needs. About 1.5 billion people still do not have access to electricity and at the same time energy consumption by the industrial nations is permanently increasing.

This has prompted a major drive towards the installation of new wind turbines around the world.

3B is contributing directly to the development of the fast growing wind market:

  • we design efficient and innovative wind energy solutions, which are available globally
  • our solutions are built upon environmental responsibility and technological innovation
  • we focus on servicing and supporting our customers in the most effective and cost-efficient way.

As a leading European developer and supplier of glass fibre products, 3B’s unrivalled competence in fibreglass development and technology is helping to create a more sustainable future throughout the complete wind value chain.

Glass fibre solutions designed to catch the wind

3B-the fibreglass company is blowing fresh prospects into the wind energy sector by providing a benchmark series of products for turbine blade manufacturing:

  • Each reinforcement product is designed for specific resin systems: Acrylic, Epoxy, Polyester, Vinylester, Polyurethane…
  • Our products are engineered to provide optimum performances for the manufacture of wind turbine blades achieving best-in-class composite properties.

Check out our wind glass fibre product portfolio dedicated to wind turbine blades for onshore and offshore.

3B's Direct Roving product portfolio
Direct roving
3B's High performance fibre
HiPer-tex (r) - 3B's high performance glass
3B's Continuous Filament Mat product portfolio
Continuous filament mat

3B's wind stars

W 3030, high modulus glass roving for Polyester and Vinylester

HiPer-tex®, 3B’s high performance fibre, is the best ally of flexible blade design, offering significantly better performances than traditional E-glass, definitely contributing to reducing the cost of wind energy.

Specifically developed and engineered for polyester and vinylester resin systems and for resin infusion processes, HiPer-tex® W 3030 roving provides a novel option to OEMs. W 3030 allows OEMs to manufacture longer and lighter blades for the larger multi-megawatt wind turbines located both onshore and offshore.

HiPer-tex® W 3030 combines: 
•    the highest performance glass properties
•    enhanced sizing compatibility with unsaturated polyester and vinylester resin systems.

In a typical unidirectional polyester or vinylester laminate with an average glass volume fraction of 60%, HiPer-tex® W 3030 roving offers:
•    54-56 GPa E-modulus 
•    1400-1500 MPa tensile strength 
•    Up to 50% improvement in transverse strength 
•    Up to 10 times longer lifetime in fatigue resistance versus traditional E-glass

With HiPer-tex® W 3030 3B helps blade manufacturers narrow the gap with higher cost composite solutions, offering a cost-efficient high-performance solution.

Resin Product TP/TS Features Process Length/Diameter ratio Ø
Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy W 3030 Thermosets Higher modulus Weaving, Non-crimp fabrics, Prepregs, Filament winding, Pultrusion

SE 2020, best-in-class E-CR glass roving with epoxy specific sizing

3B's SE 2020 delivers superior mechanical performances and attractive properties to the wind energy market for epoxy resins to create the next generation of wind turbine blades.

Resin Product TP/TS Features Process Length/Diameter ratio Ø
Epoxy specific SE 2020 Thermosets Weaving, Non-crimp fabrics, Prepregs, Filament winding, Pultrusion

SE 3030, 3B's multiresin glass roving

3B has developed a multiresin roving, which is particularly well suited to wind and performance composite applications with polyester, vinylester and epoxy resins.

SE 3030 demonstrates better properties than traditional multicompatible sizings:

  • better wet-out
  • higher shear strength
  • greater interfibre strength
  • excellent fatigue resistance.
Resin Product TP/TS Features Process Length/Diameter ratio Ø
Polyester, Vinylester, Epoxy SE 3030 Thermosets Weaving, Non-crimp fabrics, Prepregs, Filament winding, Pultrusion

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3B is specializing in the development and production of reinforcement solutions dedicated to the wind market.