DACOMAT project


DACOMAT (Damage Controlled Composite Materials) is a research program funded by the European Union (Horizon2020 framework). Its objective is to support the development of more damage tolerant and damage predictable low cost composite materials, to be used in high load carrying constructions such as bridges, buildings and wind turbines.

As an important raw material supplier for the wind industry, 3B is part of the project, along with several research institutes and industrial players. Partners of the project are: SINTEF, Polynt, FiReCo, DNV GL, DTU Wind Energy, LM Wind Power, 3B-the fibreglass company, Hexcel, JCH Ecology, University of Strathclyde, Carbures Civil Works, Polytechnical University of Madrid.

Please check the DACOMAT press release. Visit www.dacomat.eu.