Sustainability, a pre-condition of success

We, at 3B-the fibreglass company, are committed to developing sustainable innovative solutions for our customers. We want to put forward high performance glass fibre responses to the challenges of a wide range of markets, covering numerous applications.

Our approach to sustainability has 4 dimensions: People, Planet, Profit and Governance.

3B is a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) since 2015. 



The people at 3B, their safety and their well-being, are at the heart of our strategy and success. 3B strives for people to consider safety at all times in everything they do every day. People are the source of our success. Protecting our human capital and the health of all stakeholders is key for 3B. People are motivated to work at 3B; they are engaged to give their best to implement the strategy and drive results.


Our plan to grow in Automotive and Wind is a response to the trend towards a greener planet. We, at 3B, contribute every day by providing solutions to reduce weight and CO2 emissions, or by supporting the development of more efficient renewable energy for tomorrow and reducing the environmental footprint throughout its lifecycle. We position ourselves as THE eco-responsible glass producer with greener technologies, creative initiatives and behaviours.


The implementation of our productivity and quality programs and solutions ensure that each site reaches an investment grade financial level  and guarantee a sustainable future.  3B's quality program is in place to top-quality products to our customers at competitive prices, in a sustainable way, so that 3B is recognized as a trusted, reliable and sustainable business partner.



We are a transparent and accountable company, integrating ethics and social responsibility in our business practices. We expect the same level of governance from our business partners. 

3B, a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC)

Sustainability is the main growth driver for our business. Both automotive and wind markets constantly look for ways to lighten parts, reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions to reduce human impact on the planet.
3B is part of an industry that is committed to address the arising challenges from megatrends like demographical and social changes, rapid urbanisation, climate change and resource scarcity or technological breakthrough.

3B is at the forefront of reducing its impact on the environment thanks to its underlying technology and strong heritage.
3B has developed a complete sustainability strategy and defined the key areas of focus through a thorough materiality assessment:

  • environment,
  • people,
  • governance,
  • market.

The strategy helped create priorities and focus. Our commitment to the UNGC is part of it.

Please read our Sustainability Report for more information.

3B Sustainability Report 2019